Hi there! My name is Jonah Larsen, welcome to my store!

I discovered yoga at 16, and one of the first things that astounded me about it was how such an amazing art wasn't more popular. Yoga made me feel more stable, happy, and healthy; and yet, it wasn't something I heard about very much during my day to day life at school.

I began to talk to my friends about the power of yoga, and they became interested as well, finding its benefits to be far greater than they first thought. I eventually made it my mission to spread the art of yoga to the world. At 17, I started True, a clothing brand inspired by yoga. The designs are at times funny, relatable, or inspiring.

All of our products are made with high quality fabric and printed in the United States. We want these garments to become staples of your wardrobe that you can throw on for a yoga class or at-home practice whenever the moment strikes. I hope you enjoy shopping True. Feel free to email me if you have any product suggestions or questions!

Jonah Larsen
Jonah Larsen